Your severe symptomatic aortic stenosis patients are still in urgent need of treatment

When treating severe aortic stenosis (sAS), timely intervention is key. The longer your patients wait for referral and treatment, the more at risk they are of death due to their sAS. 1

Risk of death infographic

TAVI offers several benefits to your patients, especially during a time of high concern, such as COVID-19:*2

Low mortality rates image
Short ICU time image
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SAPIEN 3 TAVI offers your patients superior outcomes vs. surgery*‡2

The risk of all-cause death, stroke or rehospitalisation for your patients is reduced by half compared with surgery at 1 year.*‡2

Composite of all-cause death, stroke or rehospitalisation at 1 year graphic


Reduce the risk of major post-surgery complications with SAPIEN 3 TAVI*2,3

In the PARTNER 3 trial, SAPIEN 3 TAVI showed a nearly 7x reduction in the risk of life-threatening or major bleeding vs. surgery at 30 days.2,3


Life-threatening or major bleeding at 30 days image

For your patients, treatment with SAPIEN 3 TAVI means less time in the hospital*2

A fast recovery is as important as proven efficacy – with TAVI, patients can get back to a normal, independent life quickly. Compared to surgery, SAPIEN 3 TAVI treatment results in fewer days in the hospital, a higher rate of patients discharged home, and faster post-procedure recovery in quality of life.*2,4

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TAVI meets the needs of patients in multiple ways, importantly by getting them through their procedure quickly – the treatment allows for significantly faster operation times, as well as less time in the ICU compared with surgery (both P<0.001).*2,3  Additionally, TAVI can be conducted under conscious sedation,6,7 which can help to relieve anxiety patients tend to feel with general anaesthesia.8,9

In contemporary TAVI practice, this can mean:

Local/conscious sedation icon
Next-day discharge icon
Minimal time in cardiac ICU, if at all icon
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These benefits are potentially crucially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it’s important to minimise patients’ exposure to hospital settings. With TAVI offering proven, fast and effective treatment,*2 the burden placed on hospitals during this time of crisis can be reduced. Listen to what Professor Helge Möllmann has to say about valvular heart disease care at the time of COVID-19 in a recent webinar.


Guide your sAS patients to the fastest and lowest-risk treatment. Refer them for TAVI evaluation.